Friday, April 16, 2010

Chakana 2009 Yaguarete Collection Bonarda (Argentina)

Bonarda is set to be the next big red from Argentina.  I have tried a few from the this South American country and each time I am impressed with the flavours and excellent value these wines offer - something I suspect won't be the norm for very long because the moment the wine buying public discovers Bonarda wines, the prices will slowly start to creep up.  This is a beauty of a Bonarda with rich black fruit, spice and pepper notes being the most dominant right from the get-go; there is also a decent level of acidity to help balance the wine and some spiced plum that keeps showing itself on the nose and in the mouth.  There seems to be a host of other very appealing smells and flavours to this wine that will have me sitting and snififng (and tasting) for a little while longer - like till the bottle is finished.  Might I suggest getting some Bonarda for yourself, fairly soon, and in quantity - so that you can beat the rush that will sooner or later be coming.

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