Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Chateau de Courteillac 2005 Bordeaux (France)

The choice was between old world and new world wine, I chose this Bordeaux from the Entre-Deux-Mers region.  The back label claims that it is a mostly Merlot blend grown on a 10 hectare piece of property.  According to my records it's a bottle I bought a few years ago for a whopping 11 dollars and 15 cents.  At first the nose is a little shy, revealing little even after a fair bit of aerating; but slowly it started to show some blackberry fruit and subtle licorice notes ... more stirring and swirling brought out some dark cocoa smells that were worth the price of the bottle alone, like sniffing a mug of rich hot chocolate.  As for the flavours, lots of dark berries, which included blue and blackberries, hints of spice and a decent amount of mouth-drying tannins on the finish.  Now, what's for dinner?

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