Sunday, April 18, 2010

Skillogalee Wines 2003 Basket Press Shiraz (Australia)

What started out as a disappointing evening turned out to be a delicious evening.  I had been working pretty much non-stop all day, about mid-afternoon I had decided what my bottle would be that evening, a bottle of Mont Pellier 2003 Syrah from California ... so I worked towards the time I would get to taste that bottle.  Six o'clock came around and it was time to shut down the computer and open my bottle.  Pop went the cork.  Sniff went the nose.  Ugh, went the brain - corked.  So much for looking forward to that bottle.  Time to pick something different.  I went for this Basket Pressed Shiraz from the Australian producer Skillogalee, not just a fun name to say but usually a reliable producer.  Same year as the Mont Pellier (2003).  This wine proved to have some elegance: mineral, spice, vanilla, plum on the nose with slightly dried black raspberry and blackberry on the nose to compliment the spice, vanilla, and herb on the palate.  The finish also had a pleasant cocoa taste ... I couldn't have the California Syrah but the Australian Shiraz filled in rather nicely.

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