Saturday, April 3, 2010

Cono Sur 2009 Riesling - Zephyr 2009 Sauvingon Blanc (Chile + New Zealand)

Saturday evening, and we're home from a day of house-hunting, yup I'm moving.  It has been a long day and our fingers are crossed for a successful end to all the looking, an offer has been made but due to the long weekend it is now a waiting game.  What better way to put the day behind and forget your impatience then by opening a few bottles of wine.  We cracked the seal on 5 and popped the corked on another 3, all whites and mostly Riesling.  I will not get into the details of all the wines but there are two I would like to single out.

The Cono Sur 2009 Riesling was quite nice with lots of citrus and apple notes all wrapped up with a very pleasant and long finish ... but the one I kept going back to was the New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc from Zephyr Winery - this one kept getting better and better in the glass.  It was opened first and smelled very fruity with grapefruit being the most prominent aroma.  The palate was juicy and grapefruit cocktail-like with a nice seam of palate clearing/cleansing acidity.  We moved on to the other wines.  Then at the end I looked at my notes and thought I needed one more sniff and taste of the Savvy B.  Wow, what a different 15 minutes has made on this wine.  The smell was now intensely grassy, still with that grapefruit, but the grass was just so in-your-face, the taste has developed the grass but not as powerfully, it almost seems to be sweet.  Half an hour later saw the arrival of melon, though the wine never lost what had come previously.  So we have grapefruit, sweet grass and melon all rolled into this one delicious wine, very nice, this was the star of the evening.

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