Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Lucky Country 2006 Shiraz (Australia)

To find out how my day progressed this Saturday check out my On the Road blog entry about my Wine Soaked Saturday …this bottle of wine was consumed somewhere in the middle of the day.  I started with a very disappointing bottle of Michel Torino’s 2006 Don David Malbec; this usually vibrant and fruity wine was off-putting and marginally corked – too bad because my friend that came over wanted to try a really good Malbec, and I had remembered this Don as one of those that over-achieved and over-delivered especially for this price.

Looking for something else to serve I found this Lucky Country 2006 Shiraz – same year but different grape variety and different country (the Malbec was Argentinean, the Shiraz Australian – both are the signature grapes from their respective countries).  This wine was under screwcap, so the chance of it being corked was remote.  The wine was just what I expected, lots of upfront, sweet, juicy fruit with strong hints of mint and a long finish – a truly delicious bottle of red, not exactly what most people would pull out on a relatively warm spring afternoon, but then I’m not most people.

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