Sunday, January 30, 2011

Chakana 2009 Bonarda (Argentina)

Call this the second red grape of Argentina, but get to know it so that you aren't surprised when it finally takes the wine world by storm.  Well, maybe a little bit of over exaggeration there, but this truly is one of those grapes that when done right can make a really seductive wine - and considering that everything Argentinean (namely Malbec) is hot in the wine world these days it shouldn't be long before we start seeing more Bonarda on liquor store shelves.  This was a dark fruited wine backed by spice, that was lush and tasty.  I see a problem with its ageing potential though - the plastic cork isn't even giving it much of a fighting chance, so open now and enjoy; maybe as the years progress we'll see more under cap or cork and see what this wine can do over the long haul.

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