Thursday, January 20, 2011

Ninquen 2008 Antu Syrah (Chile)

This wine will see Vintages shelves (here in Ontario) this Saturday, and it is one worthy of picking up by the case.  The nose starts off very blackberry and plumy with some black pepper backing; within an hour the nose has added raspberry jam-ish notes.  On the palate it starts off very much the same, lots of dark fruit and spice kicks it off then withing that same hour the fruit turns more red and very juicy.  Tannins are silky smooth and there's a hint of peppered-raspberry-chocolate on the finish.  Very Aussie in its style especially for its fruitiness and pepperyness.  A lovely wine to sit and sip or to serve with dinner (I won't presume to tell you what to serve it with, I think it's Kraft Dinner ready if it came down to that).

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