Monday, January 17, 2011

Mitolo 2008 Junior Shiraz (Australia)

Tonight it's time to be playful and powerful ... Mitolo is known for making those rich, jammy and juicy Australian wines like 'G.A.M', 'Reiver' and 'Serpico' - wines with big alcohol and big prices.  The Jester is their "lower" end and we see it here in Ontario for a shade over $21 ... but now here comes the baby in the family, 'Junior' for a relatively inexpensive $14.95.  It has the power (14.5% alcohol) and all the fruit you could ask for; it's a welcome addition to the line, and a great way to welcome budget-conscious-wine-drinkers to the world of Mitolo.  The nose is pure fruit: plum and black raspberry, while the palate is anything but simple, a plethora of the fruits that make Australian Shiraz so appealing to the masses: raspberry, plum and other dark fruits along with black pepper and chocolate notes.  The tannins are smooth with a touch of dryness on the finish, but the palate is mainly juicy and the wine is easy to drink.  The back of the bottle says it can be cellared for 3-4 years but I can't see people holding onto it that long, it's delicious right now.

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JB said...

Your description of this wine couldn't be more accurate. I bought a couple of bottles yesterday and enjoyed some with my dinner. I enjoyed it enough to trek over to the LCBO today to buy three cases for my cellar. For the price you can’t go wrong.