Thursday, January 27, 2011

La Multa 2008 Old Vines Garnacha (Spain)

I'm over at my parents place for dinner ... mom thinks she has found a find at Vintages this past weekend and is looking forward to giving it a try with me.  Problem is mom has some kind of pneumonia bug and everything tastes "metallic" (could be due to the antibiotics), but she still insists on opening the wine and giving it a go.  A real trooper my mom.  She says it still tastes off to her, while I think a different story.  If I'm not mistaken, I think she said she paid 13 bucks for this wine, and what a steal this one is.  It's a a drink now style of Granache from the country that grows more of the stuff than any other, Spain.  First the nose, lots of plum and blackberry with a spiced raspberry that starts to come out once the wine has been opened for about an hour - lots and lots of fruit aromas here.  On the palate it shows some real complexity: plum and blackberry lead the charge; sip after sip the wine seems to get juicier and spicier at the same time, till the palate has a spiced plum beginning to mid then turns to black pepper for the finish.  Really nice bottle of wine here that won't break the bank. Big alcohol too, at 14.5%.  A real winner with buzz potential.

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