Thursday, January 6, 2011

McGuigan 2008 Black Label Shiraz (Australia)

Somedays the word is "uncomplicated" and that is just what this wine is, totally and utterly uncomplicated, it's an easy going wine on both the nose and the palate.  First the aromas are full of plum and cherry, there's just a wee hint of spice or pepper, but not enough for you to take notice of, here the fruit is front and center.  Palate is much the same, with upfront fruit, but there is a little bit of peppery-spice that the tongue must take note of as the wine moves through the mouth.  The finish lingers with a touch of pepper, a hint of spice and a coating of plum.  Put it all together and what have you got ... yup, uncomplicated, easy drinking.

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