Saturday, February 16, 2013

A Night of Three Bottles: 2 Chards and a Vidal Bubble (Ontario / British Columbia)

Next Saturday night we are heading over to a friend's house for dinner ... this Saturday we stayed home and did that housework stuff that people tend to do (when they are bored).  My wife then prepared dinner for our Sunday dinner guests (Guinness Pie) and started the fresh bread process, which she was going to make Sunday afternoon.  Then we sat down together and tried to decided what we were going to have for dinner.  For the discussion of who was going to cook dinner we opened a bottle of Lighthall 2011 Progression - a bubbly from Prince Edward Country made in the Charmat method from Vidal grapes (I reviewed it recently so check out the review by clicking on the wine name).  Then we decided on pizza, cause neither of us wanted to cook, and so while waiting for the delivery guy to appear we opened a bottle of Sandhill 2010 Chardonnay from British Columbia - now I am a self admitted ABCer but you would never be able to tell as we opened another Chard after this one - but let's not jump ahead quite yet.  This is a beauty from a part of Canada that I am more fond of their reds than their Chardonnays.  A cooler vintage and a steady hand by winemaker Howard Soon has made this one of the best Chardonnays from the Okanagan I have tasted in recent memory.  Looking at Howard's notes: "The cooler 2010 vintage provided slower ripening, compared to the warmer 2009 vintage, however this assisted in developing perfect balance between ripe flavours ..."  I could not agree more.  A nose rich in peach, pineapple and vanilla led to a palate with hints of vanilla, spice, peach pit and caramel apple with a nice spiced apple finish ... here in Ontario the wine is selling for the same price as it is in BC, which is an accomplishment unto itself - great value and a delicious bottle.  As mentioned we opened another bottle of Chardonnay and this time it was a beauty from Ontario's own Coyote's Run, 2010 Black Paw - this one was a little more richer because of the hotter vintage we had in Ontario (another rarity for us to eclipse BC for heat) - it's another review that can be found on my website.  Needless to say in was a good night of good wines - and we slept very well.

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