Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Haras de Pirque 2006 Equus Carmenere (Chile)

This wine revealed itself in stages: what it was on first opening and then aerated.  When the bottle was first opened and poured into the glass the overwhelming smell was mint-chocolate and that showed itself on the palate, especially on the finish - the mid-palate was pretty grippy and brambly in nature showing little fruit.  But with such an enticing finish I knew there had to be more, and I hate to admit it, I was not going to be patient to find out.  So I pulled out my VinOair and re-poured the wine:  nose went from overly minty to black cherry and spice ... then as it sat in the glass you could smell the alcohol heat (looked it up, it was 14.5%) and became a cherry cough syrup - which isn't bad if you grew up on Triaminic.  The taste was also staggered:  kirch and cassis like notes, cherry liquor, spice and a long finish.  I think it depended what stage I caught it at as to whether I really liked it or just liked it, though when the alcohol heat started to show through it was less appealing - but it was all about waves for this wine ... a wave of really good followed by a wave of mediocre followed by a wave a hey-that's-not-bad and so on.  It's gonna be another one of those bottles I pull out this summer and try again ... with company.

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