Saturday, February 9, 2013

Rock Wall 2010 Jesse's Vineyard Zinfandel (California)

My hat goes off to my buddy Dave in Michigan ... I am here on an impromptu visit and decided I needed a bottle for the evening ... now those who follow my posting regularly will know that Dave is a wine-geek that works at a place called Champane Wine Cellars in Warren, Michigan, and whenever I am here I try and swing by to see what interesting finds he can point my palate to ... last time I was here he mentioned a bottle of Rock Wall Jesse's Vineyard Zin ... I bought it but have yet to pull the cork on my bottle at home.  I walked into Champane's this afternoon and learned that Dave was off - so I was on my own ... I picked up 4 bottles, one of which was another bottle of this Zinfandel Dave was raving about ... and holy Moses, the man knows my taste buds when it comes to Zin (he knows I am a fanatic for the wines - we've had many a conversation on Zin).  Let's start here:  this wine is made from vines planted in the 1890's, the story continues that the 90-year-old farmer, Jesse, tends these plants - more power to him ... whatever the story the wine is totally awesome ... the nose is plum, blackberry, vanilla and chocolate - the palate over delivers with all those aromas translating into flavours and adds black cherry, white pepper, a hint of something minty and sweetened black tea.... I could drink this wine all night ... and I probably will - cause I'll need the evening for my body to process the 16.1% alcohol so I don't wake up with a major hangover ... sad to say it would/will be very much worth it.  Thanks Dave, for introducing me to this amazing gem of a wine.

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