Saturday, February 23, 2013

Three Wines on a Saturday Night (Australia / France)

Truth be told there were more than three wines consumed on this evening - there were 2 bubblies, a Riesling, a Chardonnay, and a number of reds ... but for the time being, while my head stops throbbing, I'll focus on the following three wines:

Jip Jip Rock Sparkling Shiraz ... I have had quite a few Sparkling Shirazes in my day and each time I do I tell myself I'm to never have another - that was until I tried this one.  As one of the members of our group stated: "This is what Shiraz has been missing for me ... bubbles."  It's light and fruity - not what you would expect from a heavy-weight grape like Shiraz - it manages to keep the fruit intact without getting syrupy or too heavy handed with tannins, this is a delicious sparkling red.

Abbotts & Delaunay 2010 Reserve Corbieres ... I've written about this wine extensively for Ottawa Life, but this is my first tasting of the wine since I bought a few in early January (and tasted the wine in November).  It was even better than I remembered and it was a good compliment to the pork tenderloin served as the main: cherries, blackberries, violets, plum, anise, so well-balanced and just a delicious wine.

Le Ferme du Mont 2009 Premier Cote, Cotes du Rhone ... this was a big red fruit with cherry, raspberry and strawberry notes - not much more to say about it, it was a simple pleasure to sip on at the end of the evening.

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