Friday, February 1, 2013

Norrel Robertson 2005 Papa Luna (Spain)

It's Friday night and time to look deeper into my cellar to see what is interesting ... well tonight I didn't have to dig too deeply as I only made it back to 2005 for this bottle of Papa Luna.  Of course I like to do a little research on a wine after I drink it and as it turns out the winery isn't actually called Norrel Robertson, Norrel is the winemaker, and he sources his fruit from old vines Grenache in the Calatayud region of Spain.  Now seven years form vintage date this wine has taken on a little more wood character than I remember it having.  The nose is definitely dark berries with a hint of wood in the background ... the flavours hide the wood a little better with dark cherry, anise, cinnamon kicking in before the wood spice appears, taking up the rear.  It definitely needed to sit a bit but has it sat too long in the cellar?  I have a couple more bottles so I'll test them out again this summer and tell you.

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