Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Sokol Blosser 2010 Pinot Noir - Dundee Hills (Oregon)

A few weeks back I wrote an entry in my Ottawa Life blog about a couple of wines from Sokol Blosser (a highly regarded Oregon Pinot Noir producer) of wines they blended from around the country to make easy drinking, non-vintage blends ... those blends, I would then assume, would get their name out there into the wider world and get people interested in trying what has, or will, make them famous:  Pinot Noir.  Tonight, I gave a go to a wine that is more along the lines of what Sokol Blosser is all about, a Pinot Noir from their beloved state of Oregon in the Willamette Valley.  This Pinot had an earthy, red currant, raspberry, violet and cranberry cocktail nose, while the palate delivered earthy and acidity in it's very first few sips ... from there is mellowed and really showed itself.  Vanilla was one of the main flavours backed by a fresh cranberry tartness and some sour cherry ... but the really exciting part of this wine was the cherry replay on the finish - you swallowed and waited about 2-3 seconds and suddenly your mouth was filled with the replay of cherry ... and then it was gone ... but it was that quick replay that made you want to take sip affter sip after sip, just so you could experiece it again - all done with a lovely freshness.

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