Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Osoyoos Larose 2005 Petales d'Osoyoos (British Columbia)

This is one bottle from one of three mixed-cases of wine I brought back from British Columbia a few summers ago.  I have tasted Osoyoos Larose Grand Vin (the big wine) in the past at a variety of tastings and am fairly impressed with the wines coming out of this partnership between BC and France.  This 2005 is Merlot dominant and now has some 8 years from vintage date on it ... and considering this is the 2nd wine from the producer you have to wonder about the longevity.  I can tell you that I was super impressed with what I found.  The nose had earthy notes right from the get go - but those seemed to dissipate with air revealing some raspberry before settling in with dried blackberry and dried cherry.  The palate also opened with earthy notes but soon turned to dried red fruit as its mainstay along with black cherry, oak and spice - there was also some nice acidity to keep the wine lively on the tongue - but still had the smoothness of an older vintage wine settling into its golden years ... the good news is I would say this wine has a few more years ahead of it ... if you're looking for fresh fruit it ain't here, but if you want to understand older wines, how they age and what they can become this is a great place to get that education.

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