Saturday, February 2, 2013

Del Palio Vineyards 2000 Sangiovese (Italy)

This was a really weird wine ... as I have mentioned in previous reviews I have recently put my cellar on CellarTracker and have been trying out some of the features.  Today I thought it would be fun to see what kind of Chianti I have in my cellar ... sadly the program said I only have 3 bottles (this I am having trouble believing because I know I have more kicking around in there) - and the oldest was this bottle from 2000.  Took me awhile to locate it because the label is one of those weird-fanggled-looks-like-we-made-it-at-home-with-our-new-printer kinda labels: lots of odd colours like orange and red, not what I think about when you hear the word Chianti.  I also have to admit that I decided, in keeping with the old school nature of this wine, forewent the usual red wine glass I use and pulled out an small juice glass - like the ones you see Italians drinking wine from in movies (funny aside - as my wife was making fun of me for my glassware of choice, we happened upon an old movie on TV and what was the guy drinking wine from ... vindication).  In this glass the wine showed that it still had some really good acidity along with dried fruit, some dried leaves notes - kinda like orange pekoe tea - the acidity helped to give the fruit a lift, and in the bottom of the glass a fine sediment appeared.  This was quite a nice wine for a 12 year old Sangiovese ... the more I try old Italian wines the more impressed I am with them.


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