Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Golden Mile Cellars 2006 Pinot Noir (British Columbia)

Golden Mile Cellars is no more, they changed their name to Road 13 Winery so they could give the Golden Mile designation back to their region - a very selfless act. I visited Road 13 when they were still Golden Mile about 2 years ago and picked up this bottle of Pinot Noir. As with any trip you take you always want the memories to last, which is why we never drink the bottles we bring home right away, we wait until we want to relive those memories. Our Golden Mile visit was a highlight of the trip, and with my mother a mere 4 days away from a return trip to the West Coast (this time for the Olympics) I thought it only right to share a bottle brought back from our trip. The wine took a few minutes and much aeration to open up, but once it did it went down smooth and easy. The nose was loaded with sour cherry and cranberry, while the palate was ever so slightly earthy with the sour cherry and cranberry taking center stage. With all those tart fruits you'd expect a mouth pucking effect, but it was very smooth and very nice - especially with the lingering cranberry finish.

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