Monday, February 8, 2010

Yalumba 2003 Cabernet Sauvignon - Y Series (Australia)

There's not always a reason as to why you pick a wine to drink ... tonight was one of those nights. It was after 6 pm and I had just finished spending most of the day in my office - stepped out the door of my office and into my wine cellar. The first bottle to catch my eye was this one - due to the golden capsule and the black letter "Y" - sometimes that's all it takes. I popped the cork, poured it into a glass and breathed deep. Wow, hot and spicy were the first sensations I picked up on, then black fruit and spicy as the wine settled in the glass. The taste on first and second sip was very bitter. This couldn't be it; with a nose like that there had to be more than a bitter after taste and spicy black fruit. I decided to decant. The nose settled down into a beautiful dark fruit with a shaking of spicy cocoa; the heat had dissipated and the spice was toned down. The palate ended up being smooth with blackberry and spice; the aftertaste lingered and turned from bitter to blueberry. Time in bottle had made this wine a little surly coming out, but once liberated it sure did come around.

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