Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Venta Morales 2008 Tempranillo (Spain)

I hold in my hand a bottle of Venta Morales. My buddy Dave from Michigan recommended this one to me. I ask him one question every time I see him: "What do you recommend?" He knows this means, "what's your best deal in the store?" And he always picks out a few good ones for me. In the past he has picked a Pinot Noir that tasted like it should have cost double the price, a French 'Petit Bordeaux' and quite a few Zinfandels. This time he took me over to the Spanish section and said this $5.99 (USD) wine is a steal. Heck, with the dollar being so close the exchange was minimal, so I bought a bottle, now I wish I had bought six. Spain is one of the unsung regions of the world, producing great wines at great prices, this one is no exception. A slight hint of violets greet the nose along with some blackberry fruit and a bit of spice. The palate is full of black fruit and spice and given some time this wine smoothed out and became even nicer to sip on. As for the tannins, they swung between biting and silky depending on how big the gulp you were taking was.

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