Saturday, February 13, 2010

Sumac Ridge 2002 Black Sage Vineyard Merlot (British Columbia)

I have to wonder whether the wineries in BC have the hang of Cabernet Franc after what I tasted tonight. Last night I had a Cabernet Franc from British Columbia that was passable but not great, it was from 2005 and tasted older tahn what it claimed on the label. Tonight, I had a wine that was 3 years older than that Cabernet Franc and tasted 10 times fresher. The nose was blackberry, cassis, black raspberry and vanilla, while the palate was a juicy mix of black fruit and spice. For the last three nights I have sipped on something from Canada's West Coast but this is the first time I have been truly impressed - I guess I know why BC is getting such great notice for their Merlot.

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