Thursday, February 18, 2010

J + F Lurton 2003 Domaine des Salices Syrah (France)

Just to prove you don't need a Gewurztraminer with Asian food, I dined on lemon chicken, a spring roll and Asian salad for dinner, accompanied by this Syrah. Was it a match made in heaven? Not really, but I enjoyed the wine and I enjoyed the food and that's really all that matters. This was a pretty impressive bottle of wine. The nose changed a few times over the course of an hour with black fruit and bacon leading the way from the beginning, then there was white pepper, licorice and black raspberry that showed up the longer it was open. The palate also went through a variety of transformations. It started off with pepper, black fruit and pencil shavings, then it acquired some dried dark fruit nuances and ended with a mix of dried cherries and raspberries ... throughout it maintained its long finish, good tannin structure and nice balance. Never once did it occur to me this wine was 7 years old, it tasted fresh and lively for a wine of its age.

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