Thursday, February 25, 2010

McManis 2008 Syrah (United States)

This is not a delicate wine full of finesse and elegance.  It's not a wine you linger over and discuss the ways of the world.  It's not a wine you analyze over the course of an evening, rate the subtle nuances that occur as it opens up.  Nope, this is a wine for drinking, gulping and taking advantage of.  As a friend of mine called it, "this is a slut of a wine."  He explained that there are some wines you want to spend an evening with, to linger over and spend a long time with, in other words have a relationship with.  On the other hand, this McManis is your quick fling wine, one to enjoy while it lasts, in other words, it's a wine you have an affair with.  Lots of plum flavours and smells, lovely chocolaty notes, and a touch of white pepper.  But what will really comes out is the fruit - lots and lots and lots of fruit - incredibly gulpable and enjoyable, fun to roll around in the mouth and take big gulping swigs of.  The alcohol is pretty big here, coming in at 14.5%, so be careful how much fun you intend to have with this one - I suggest having a glass of water handy when its all done ... in other words, have fun, but bring protection.  Cheers.

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