Friday, February 5, 2010

Vigne & Vini 2006 Zinfandel - Primitivo del Salento (Italy)

I'm a huge fan of a well made Zinfandel / Primitivo (Italian) / Crljenak Kaštelanski (Croatia) - though I have never tasted one of the latter ... they are all part of the same grape family, in other words they are all the same grape from different parts of the world; so you can well imagine I was thrilled to find a good bargain in this Italian version ($14.00). I had it for dinner tonight with some Korean ribs and it worked well, with and without the meat. Lots of plum and spice with a juicy red fruit and plum mid-palate. This one is not meant to age, and the plastic cork I pulled out of the neck confirmed that to me (in my experience, plastic corks don't help in the ageability of wine, in fact they hinder it, so drink them up quickly). Overall I was quite impressed and enjoyed this wine.

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