Thursday, February 11, 2010

Therapy Vineyards (British Columbia) - Juan Gil 2004 (Spain)

I was pawing through my collection of wine today ... no wait, let me back up a couple of hours. I got this neat little device called a Card-Scan, which allows me to feed business cards into it and in-turn it converts the information on the card to a file (ie: name, phone numbers, websites, etc.), I am quite impresses as it allows me to get rid of the piles of cards on my desk and its correct with about 90% of the information it transcribes. So how does the relate to wine you might ask? I was scanning through the cards I had amassed on my BC trip in the Summer of 2008, and decided it was time to open one of those bottles. Granted, I did this a couple of days ago when I opened a bottled of Golden Mile Cellars wine, but who says you can't visit the same region twice in a week. As it turned out it wasn't good to go back to that well this evening.

I pulled out a Therapy Vineyards 2006 Freud's Ego, a blend of the Cabernets (Franc and Sauvignon) and some Merlot. The bottle was loaded with volatile acidity (acetone), the fruit was gone and the wine was insipid and boring ... very sad.

So I had to find an alternative ... so I reached for a Juan Gil 2004 Monastrell ... fruit is still red and spicy, palate is much smoother than I remember, but the wine is delicious. Sorry to say I was not a fan of BC today. But with the Olympics in Vancouver a day away I think maybe I have to try again - I'll look into a Sumac Ridge for tomorrow ... 2005 Merlot might be just what the doctor ordered. Cheers.

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