Thursday, March 11, 2010

Ayler Kupp 2005 Riesling Kabinett (Germany)

Thursday afternoon, this is our swan song in Florida, as we are leaving bright and early tomorrow morning to drive back north to Michigan (where my fiancee Erica lives) and then me back to Toronto.  The family has come over for a goodbye drink and then we are going out to dinner - down here they eat early, must be all the retirees.  It is raining like cats and dogs, so we are watching and listening to the rain as it comes down.  This is one of those wines I brought from home, it's a Riesling I have been saving for a special occasion and this seems to be one of those occasions.  Slight petrol, peach and some rusty apple smells on the nose, there's also the sweet trace of honey.  Palate shows the honey off more generously, keeping the petrol at bay, while delivering green apple and peach pit notes.  Delicious, and perfect for the afternoon at only 9% alcohol.  Goodbye Florida, what a send off, you should see this rain.

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