Sunday, March 28, 2010

DeLoach 2007 Heritage Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon (California)

I hate to say it, but these days I find myself to be a bit Cali-Cab-Jaded, which is interesting because last year at about this time I was Cali-Chard-Jaded, that was until I tried a couple of Dijon Clone Chardonnays from the Golden State, then suddenly I was re-inspired to try Chardonnay.  I think all wine drinkers get jaded by certain regions and certain grape varieties every now and again - I know I'll come back to the California Cabs and be thrilled with them, but as of about a week ago I started to think they all tasted the same (could this be due to the California tasting I was just at); I have no fear though, with the California Wine Fair on the horizon I just know someone will pour me a glass of something awesome and I'll get back on the wagon.  So tonight I decided to try the brother wine of the Zinfandel I had last night.  Am I thrilled with it?  Not really, it tastes Cabbish, the nose has a blackberry vanilla spice to it, while the palate delivers pepper, vanilla and cassis.  Am I ready to dump it down the sink and pour myself something else?  No, the wine is good - it just doesn't inspire me, maybe it will inspire you - if you have tried the wine and want to let me know, please feel free to do so.  Cheers.

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