Monday, March 22, 2010

Trapiche 2007 Finca Las Palmas Cabernet Sauvignon (Argentina)

I promised myself that I would get to this wine soon, and lo and behold today is the day; and what a delicious bottle this has turned out to be.  The nose is full of blackberries, cassis and spice with a hint of vanilla - it just has such a sweet smell it's hard to get your nose out of the glass.  But then you taste it.  Juicy blackberry and luscious chocolate, there's black cherry on the back palate, while the tannins are slightly chewy, meaning it'll hold a few years longer with wonderful results, but it is so worth drinking right now.  This wine is truly decadent.  To make it even more so I open a brie called "Lady Laurier" that I picked up at the Wine and Cheese Show on the weekend ... now all I need is that fig jam I had the opportunity to try to top it all off (but alas I could not buy at the show) and I could die a happy man ... well maybe not, there are still so many good wines and cheeses to try - and don't get me started on chocolate.

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