Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Rocland Estates 2007 “Ass Kisser” Shiraz (Australia)

Tonight, it’s 70F and it’s burger night here in Fruitland.  Yesterday I popped over to a place called Wine World where I picked up half-a-dozen interesting bottles.  One was this easy drinking Aussie Shiraz for $9.99 – I asked the guy at the store about it before I bought it and he said, “It’s good for a ten dollar bottle of wine.”  And he was right; lots of red and black fruit with peppery spice and dark chocolate notes.  I would have to say that it’s a typical-Australian-fruit-bomb-with-pepper-notes Shiraz, nothing I haven’t had a thousand times before, the only difference is that it’s new to me and has a cool name, especially when you’re trying to make amends for taking off to a liquor store midday.  But I’m in Florida, can you blame me.

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