Thursday, March 11, 2010

Big Ass Winery 2007 Big Ass Zin (California)

Big fish dinner called for a "big" wine afterward.  Last night in Fruitland, Florida - our farewell dinner at Captain Bell's.  Upon our arrival at our home away from home we decided to open a wine, a neighbour thought it was about time to open a Lambrusco someone had brought her back "years ago" from Italy.  I did not catch the name of this foul smelling non-vintage train wreck that tasted worse than it smelled (hey you have to try everything at least once) - this was just nasty and defies description.  I went into my stash that I had purchased from Wine World and came back with this brute of a Zinfandel.  Loaded with peppery-plum notes, cassis and medium-bodied tannins with a big 14.5% alcohol - thankfully it got the taste of the Lambrusco out of my mouth in a hurry.

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