Monday, March 15, 2010

San Nicolas de Tolentino Longares 2008 Triana Tempranillo (Spain)

It's my last night in Michigan, then it's back to Toronto on the 10am train Tuesday morning.  I decided to abandon the white wine mode I usually find myself in when with my fiancee (she enjoys white more than red) and pulled out a bottle of something she had bought for me.  A few weeks back she called me to tell me "Triana" was on sale 2 for $8 at the local grocery store.  I almost crapped myself.  I was not looking at the flyer with her so when she said "Triana" I thought she meant "Treana" - the difference is that the former is a Spanish wine while the latter is a Californian that fetches much more than four bucks a bottle. Once the confusion had been made clear I still said that I would love a $4 Tempranillo from Spain (which is what 'Triana' is.  Tonight I opened one of these confusing finds.  I would have to say that the wine is fairly simple: black fruit and pepper on the nose; red fruit and peppery on the palate with some nice spice and a grittiness of tannins. Worth $4?  You bet, I would even give it a few years to mellow.

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