Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Half Glass - Bouza and A Full Glass - Ridge (Uruguay and California)

Yesterday afternoon I hopped off a train and immediately went back to work.  I found myself at the Royal Canadian Military Institute (RCMI) for a tasting of some wines from Uruguay produced by a company called Bouza.  The tasting didn't begin until 5; I was a few hours early so I sat and wrote a variety of other reviews until my hosts showed up; but the background it neither here or there, what is important, of course, is the wine.  Out of the 6 wines I tried my favourite was the Bouza 2007 Monte Vide Eu, a red blend of Tannat (50%), Merlot (20%) and Tempranillo (30%).  The wine spent 15 months is a mix of French and American oak and is a limited production wine of 9000 bottles (750 cases) with each bottle individually numbered.  The nose was mildly chocolaty with lots of red and black fruit and hints of spice.  The palate was loaded with juicy blackberries and as it sat in the glass the berries turned more red and even juicier.  This was one nice wine, too bad it's about $50 a bottle by the time it reaches our shores here in Ontario.  I then left the RCMI and headed home.

I hadn't been home for about 16 days, and had been lugging three pieces of luggage around with me all day, so as you can imagine I was tired when I finally walked in the door.  My cat was extremely excited to see me, there are few cats in the world that would run across a room and demand to be picked up and held on your shoulder, mine did - what a welcome.  One of the bags I was carrying contained 4 bottles of wine (2 Californian, a Spanish and an Aussie) and I was determined that after lugging them around all day I was going to partake in one upon my arrival home.  I unpacked then sat down to enjoy a bottle of Ridge 2007 Lytton Springs, a blend of 71% Zinfandel, 22% Petite Syrah and 7% Carignane.  This wine was lush and plumy with hints of peppered-vanilla and a slight brushing of chocolate.  It seemed to get spicier and plumier as it sat in the glass, so by the time another hour had passed it was smooth and easy with just the right amount of bite.  This wine hit the spot, it's good to be home.  Now I have to changed the clocks, damn it's later than I thought. Oh well after a long day the beckoning of bed is welcome too.

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