Monday, August 9, 2010

Bolla 2008 Valpolicella (Italy)

First official night in the new house ... I am surrounded by boxes and thoughts of where things are going to go boggle the mind ... what is one to do?  Where does one begin?  Do I dive into those boxes head first and start unpacking?  No, I find something to eat and a bottle of wine to celebrate.  Pizza seemed the simplest thing to have, especially because there is still some left over from moving day.  Then I went fishing for a bottle, and the first thing I came up with was a bottle of Valpolicella - a perfect accompaniment.  This one has lovely fruit with hints of herbs and spice ... very nice.  Tomorrow night I think I am going to crack something Canadian - considering I live down in Niagara now it seems only fair that I pop the cork or twist a cap on something really local ... I think I will go white, it's suppose to be stinking hot ... until tomorrow, ciao.

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wino-fred said...

Congratulations. You're now a Nigerian. Oh no, sorry, that's a Niagarian!