Thursday, August 19, 2010

Loosen Bros 2005 Dr. L Riesling (Germany)

Tonight, I cracked open (because it was under screwcap) this beautiful Dr. L Riesling ... five years from vintage date and it is showing beautifully - I am trying to use another desciptor besides "beautiful" but this wine makes it hard not to use that word.  The nose is lime, peach and just the merest hint of petrol ... pretty, but wait till it hits the mouth, it was a flavour explosion wrapped up in great acidity.  Spiked canned peaches (when I say "spiked" it was almost like there was a spicy zest to the wine), lime cordial and Barlett pear skin caressing the tongue.  Smooth and easy going down - we finished the bottle with Chinese food and it overshadowed the whole meal.  All that is left to say is, you guessed it, beautiful, and at 8.5% alcohol I could have easily opened another bottle, the only problem, I didn't have another one chilled.

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