Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Hardys 2003 Bankside Cabernet Sauvignon (Australia)

I hate to say it, sometimes a wine is just a wine.  A couple of days ago I was speaking with a colleague and he told me that the new Hardy Bankside Shiraz is lovely ... I thought to myself, "I have some Bankside somewhere, I should give an older vintage a try."  Tonight, I easily located the Bankside Cab instead of the Shiraz (which I know I have a bottle of somewhere) and decided to open it and see how the wine has progressed in its evolution.  Still with delicious sweet fruit, but instead of lovely and lively it is more dried in nature, with hints of pepper and the faintest bit of tannins left.  The wine was just that, a wine, nothing to wow, but nothing to disappoint.  It has aged nicely, but I wouldn't have waited much longer, now I'm thinking, "I really have to find that Shiraz."

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