Thursday, August 5, 2010

RH Phillips Vineyard Toasted Head 2003 Cabernet Sauvignon (California)

It's the last night in my current abode, tomorrow the move to the new place begins.  So as you can well imagine I have nothing to cook in the place, nothing good anyway.  So it was a jaunt over to my parent's place for supper.  I had left this bottle unpacked for just this occasion - not sure why I chose this, it has no significance of meaning for me it just grabbed my attention while wrapping up my bottles; so it accompanied me to dinner.  The wine proved to be a nice match to the Korean BBQ ribs my father fired on the Bar-B, but on it's own it just kind of laid there - nothing that jumped out of the glass saying "wow that's a fantastic wine", but then nothing to say "you should have drank this one years ago".  It was pleasant, accompanied the food well and it was my last unpacked bottle ... what more is there to say.  The next time I talk with you I will be surrounded by boxes that need unpacking and putting away and I will be dying for a drink - wonder what I will unpack first?