Monday, August 16, 2010

Vignoble Guillaume 2002 Pinot Noir (France)

Here's a bottle that didn't even show up in my inventory.  While moving my wine cellar from one house to another I found this bottle lost in a part of the cellar it did not belong.  I set it aside to move it to the proper spot and tonight, while thinking about doing so, I just decided to pop the cork and drink it instead.  The label designates this as a "Vin de Pays de Franche-Comte" - without my books (still packed), I am flying a little blind here, and most of the stuff I found on the web was in French - so that was not very helpful ... I think I found out that the Franche-Comte is in Eastern France, after that I am at a bit of a loss to tell you much more. The wine on the other hand was still full of interesting flavours - there was an earthy sensation mixed with toasted black fruit and a hint of mocha or coffee on the finish. This was a pleasant drinking wine and I am glad I did not throw it on the rack to get lost for a few more year - this was drinkign well right now.

Digging a little deeper and employing the "Translate" feature on google I was able to learn this:  Franche-Comte includes about 10 producers around the Jura, Doubs and Haut-Saone area ... grapes are usually Pinot Noir or Gamay and whites are Auxerrois and Chardonnay.

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