Monday, January 4, 2010

Casa Girelli 2001 Canaletto Winemaker's Collection Primitivo (Italy)

Tonight it was a simple dinner of salmon and salad, so I reached for a simple wine ... oh, who am I kidding? I picked the wine out this morning without a care in the world about what dinner was going to be - it's all about the wine ladies and gentlemen. So with that said I am not going to blow anymore smoke up your behind and just tell you about this 9 year old bottle of wine I pulled out of the cellar. For those who don't know, Primitivo is the Italian equivalent of Zinfandel, or as the labe on this bottle says: "the forefather". The smells, at first, were hard to distinguish, so I decided to give the wine a little run through my Vinturi decanter, this opened the wine enough to allow some smells through. Dark plum, hints of vanilla and some other indistinguishable red berry fruits on the nose; the palate showed spiced dried plum (fig) and a hint of sweet spice and tasty vanilla. I have to say that the longer this wine sits in the glass the better it gets - I still have a half glass in front of me so I am going to go enjoy it, cheers.

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