Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Mitolo Cab and Vascos Reserve (Australia & Chile)

Tonight a buddy of mine came over for a bite to eat and some wine tasting - I find it amazing how easy it is to get people over to your house the moment you mention a wine tasting. Afterward, I decided to treat him to a couple of interesting bottles I know he has never tried before; it's always fun to see how others will react to wines you like.

I started him off with the Mitolo 2008 Jester Cabernet Sauvignon. He didn't much care for this one, "too jammy" he said. On the other hand, I loved sipping on this big chocolate, raspberry and blackberry jam blockbuster. It might be a big, full-on fruit bomb, but it's delicious; I guess my buddy was looking for something more "refined and sophisticated".

To that end I thought I would impress him when I pulled out a bottle of Los Vascos 2006 Grande Reserva (Los Vascos is the Chilean property of Baron de Rothschild - Lafite); when I told him as much he shrugged, "means nothing to me," he said, "you're the oenophile." At this point I began hunting for a bottle of Yellow Tail, but alas I could not find one. So resigned myself to opening the bottle of Vascos. This wine was more to his liking: there was a big olfactory hit of mint along with black fruit and a nice seam of acidity on the palate.

I must admit I enjoyed both wines equally - they offered exactly what I wanted from them: uncomplicated palate enjoyment; afterall, it's as much about the company you keep as the wine you drink. For those interested we ate pizza and watched an episode of Family Guy; I just wanted to prove that it wasn't a sophisticated evening.

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