Saturday, January 23, 2010

Navarro Correas 2003 GR Cab Sauv & Veranda 2005 Cab/Carm (Argentina, Chile)

Two bottle of wine caught my eye this morning, one from on top of the shelf and one from the bottom. From on high was a bottle of Navarro Correas 2003 Gran Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon from Argentina, the low down bottle was a Chilean blend of Carmenere and Cabernet Sauvignon. I decided that two bottles were too much for one man to handle, so I acquired mom's help to taste these two.

I brought them to mom's place and she was immediately intrigued. We started with the bottle of Argentine wine ... the cork popped with a resounding pop and the smells from the glass were very inviting. Most notable were the spice characteristics on the nose, otherwise the Argentinean wine could be considered mute. The palate told a different story; it was spicy with chocolate notes and a lovely smoothness; a very quaffable Saturday night wine. But it seemed the longer we sat with this wine in the glass the more woody the aftertaste become, until it reached the point were wood was all that it was - not surprising really, it saw 18 months of small French barriques before bottling. The good news is that the first half hour was very pleasant.

Moving on to the next wine, the Veranda 2005 Cabernet Sauvignon / Carmenere; the nose was filled with minty goodness along with blackberry, cassis, sweet raisins, blueberries and nuances of chocolate. The palate also offered up plenty of flavour, some that I can't completely identify, but the majority came in the formed of red fruit, choclate, mint and plum. This was for sure the sipper of the evening.

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