Sunday, January 3, 2010

Perrin & Fils 2002 Rasteau "L'Andeol" (France)

Accidents make the heart grow fonder, or is that palpitate and the mind wander. Which ever it is that was my afternoon today, so I started on a glass of wine a little earlier than usual. Most days I will have my glass of wine sometime after 5pm but after receiving a call that Erica (my fiancee) had been in a car accident I spent most of my early afternoon worrying. Round about 3 she called to say all was well in the world, except maybe the car will need a few patches here and there. So needless to say once I got that call my next thought was, "I need a drink". The first bottle to grab my flustered eye was this Perrin and Fils Rasteau from the Cote du Rhone, a blend of Grenache and Syrah (80/20). The cork gave me a bit of trouble, as if to say, "it's only 3 in the afternoon", but determination wins out over a piece of cork any day. Nose is peppery, leathery and spicy with hints of black raspberry and cedar; Taste is also peppery and leathery but without the raspberry to back it up, instead there is a note of burnt licorice here, that may sound unappealing but it quite nice when backed by the spice. I think the wine needs a little chill and a little air, after trying both I can tell you there is a hint of red fruit that does come out in the chill.

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