Friday, January 1, 2010

D'Arenberg 2002 The Dry Dam Riesling (Australia)

I've had this wine in my collection for some time and I was looking for the right time to drink it. So when New Year's day came around and it was lounge about the house day I thought there was no better time to put this Riesling in the fridge (for a couple of hours), pop the cork and drink it to toast the changing of a decade. This wine had other ideas. It wanted to teach me a lesson: no matter how well you store a wine there can still be something that goes wrong. In this case this wine did not want to release its cork. I tried two corkscrews and an ah-so and still the cork would not come out, in one piece. I finally had to push the crumbly cork bits into the bottle and filter out the cork pieces. The joke quickly became, "it may be a Dry Dam Riesling, but this Riesling has a Dam Dry cork." Now that I am past the annoyance of getting into the bottle I can tell you that the trouble was pseudo worth it. The colour was golden yellow, while the nose and palate followed suit with petrol and tangerine. The palate also offered up tongue dryness and some bitter notes ... as the wine warmed it lost a lot of the fruit and became mostly petrol and way too bitter to consume. Good for the first half hour, after that it sat.

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