Monday, January 25, 2010

Ironstone Moan - Barrica much Sleeka (California & Chile)

Another two-fer night and sadly one of the wines was just not up to snuff. I started with the Ironstone 2003 Cabernet Franc; I knew there was a problem the moment I pop the plastic cork. As I poured the aromas coming up from the glass were familiar and yet I did not want to believe it was what I was smelling. In the glass I swirled and sniffed. Then swirled and sniffed again. Medicinal smells filled with an abundance of alcohol, I looked at the label, only 13.5% - not enough that one should notice. The longer it sat the less it smelled like wine and the more I was reminded of Vodka and then it hit me ... rubbing alcohol. Being a trooper I did taste it and it was no better.

Looking for another bottle to open I found this Santa Carolina 2004 Barrica Selection 2004 Petit Verdot. It's rare to see a Verdot alone, which is probably why I bought it. I checked the label on this one and spotted a whopping 14.5% alcohol, but this was not apparent on the nose of this 6 year old wine, instead I was greeted by pepper, spice and hints of cocoa. As the wine gained more exposure to the air blackberries and cassis emerged to mix in with the pepper and spice; alas the cocoa disappeared but it still remained a very tasty wine.

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