Friday, January 22, 2010

Mission Hill Pinot Blanc, Fielding Gris, Bichot Gamay, Applewood's Crazy (B.C., Ontario, France)

Today was my first (unofficial) day as vice-president of the Wine Writers Circle of Canada (it becomes official on February 5, 2010) ... we met to have an informal discussion of the annual activities of the Circle with our administrator. Unfortunately we were missing out president (John Szabo) who was out of town (hence the "unofficial" meeting). Most meeting last an hour or so and it's all business, but today, being that it was "unofficial" we had a few bottles of wine during our discussion.

We started with a 2007 Mission Hill Pinot Blanc ... what a treat on a cold winter's afternoon - I think it would have been better on a hot summer's day, but since summer is a few month away it was nice to dream of warmer weather with sips of this summertime treat. The nose was lemon, lime and sweat pear, while the palate was apples, pears and floral tinged; light and fruity with a refreshing finish of limeade.

Next up, someone pulled out a bottle of Fielding's 2008 Pinot Gris ... I have reviewed this is the past and that review still holds true today, delicious.

Next, a bottle of Albert Bichot 2006 Domaine Monthoux Beaujolais-Villages ... another treat. 4 years from vintage date and this wine still has beautiful cherries on the nose and palate with a titch of spice to really make it complete.

Finally, we tired a couple of bottle of Applewood Farm and Winery's Crazy 8 Raspberry Cider, this is a real treat and real beauty for raspberry fans. It's cider that is fermented to 8.8 percent alcohol and is just the most lovely and refreshing beverage one could imagine made from raspberries - Matt Passafiume, owner and booze-maker at Applewood (in Stouffville, Ontario) gets better and better at making this every year; think cider made with raspberry with a light spritz and refreshing raspberry flavour.

The "meeting" ended with little accomplished though a good number of wines were consumed and I can't wait to begin my duties, whatever they may be. I look forward to working with the executive over the next 2 years: Dean Tudor and John Szabo; and hopefully we'll drink a few more interesting bottles during our meets.

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