Monday, January 11, 2010

Mission Hill 2007 Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon (British Columbia)

So they say that red wine doesn't go with fish, in fact they can even tell us why - well I say bollocks, I don't care - I am having sole and I am having this red wine and I am going to enjoy them both. Maybe not together mind you, but I will be having them both this evening. As usual I start with the wine, nothing beats a good glass of wine before dinner (during and after is good too, but before is a must). I opened, poured and immediately was struck by the fruitiness of this wine. When I put my nose in the glass the aromas were so powerful by all rights they should have snapped my head back, but because they were so good I wanted to keep my nose in the glass as long as possible - that my friends is a catch-22 I can live with. Smells of sweet cherries, red licorice, white pepper, chocolate covered cherries, blackberry jam and dark plums ... I could go on but I would like to get to drinking this wine tonight. Across the tongue the wine is smooth and elegant with nice tannins that bring the dark fruits in line with the red fruits and intermingle with dark chocolate silkiness, all wrapped up with a dollop of vanilla cream on top. As the kids say (or used to say), "sweet" - not sweet as in sugary, sweet as in "so nice". Now if you'll excuse me I have a glass of wine to drink, maybe two or three.

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